Adventures with Scott July 2014

July 22, 2014 by Luke Makwakwa
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Please be praying for Scott, Steve, and the rest of the team as they explore what God has in store for them during this trip. There has been a lot of ground work laid over the past year with Scott's involvement in Rainbow FM, and we are waiting in excited anticipation for what God will do this month.


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The most exciting part of the trip is the potential to partner with local corporate sponsors to replicate the Casa de Amor program within South Africa--Partnering South African corporations with the local church in South Africa, to build homes in the local communities - amazing potential. 


I’m leaving to South Africa tomorrow and I’m taking something unique with me in this trip. It’s a picture that I always carry with me wherever I go. It’s a picture of a six-month-old little girl who actually died in the Tijuana dumps during the times of floods and rain.

We didn’t get there on time. We were already three months late when we built a house and were able to save the life of her little five-year-old brother and the mother reminded me when she gave me this photo which was the only photo she had saying “never ever stop building homes.”

And you know, that’s what Casa de Amor is all about. It’s about organizing the resources, the local people and using local labor. That’s the thing I love most about it.

Actually that’s the one facet of Amor where the local people helps us get the materials we provide. Yes, you support the finances, but the locals are building it. And that’s probably going to be greatest way that Amor is going to be able to grow and expand. Because you know doing Mission Trips is amazing, but it’s incredibly labor and logistically intensive. This way we can go to countries around the world by empowering the local people, training them how to build.

What is exciting is that we already did 19 homes this way last year.  I hope that you find more about this program and that you join me in supporting the Casa de Amor  doing sustainable housing, helping the local people help themselves in Jesus name.

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