Amor, South Africa, July 2015

August 5, 2015 by Steve Horrex


This year’s mission trip to South Africa started with high expectations, not only for this mission trip but the future of Amor in South Africa.  After 7 years of making annual trips to serve in South Africa, it’s hard not to wish for the time that Amor can be in South Africa full time, building 100’s of homes each year for families in need throughout the country.

download 15 key moments in South Africa Ebook Before we can do this, we know it’s going to take many more individuals, churches and corporate participation from South Africa to help make this dream a reality. That being said, each time we are in South Africa, more doors are being opened up and willing and supportive people are coming out, experiencing what we can do together in making a difference in the lives of those in need. It’s such a wonderful experience to be part of this groundswell of excitement, of seeing what we all can do when we put our differences aside as we help those in need.





As our first groups that traveled from abroad arrived from the UK and the USA, the Amor staff and volunteers readied themselves and the worksites for the flurry of activity which was going to be the week before us.

This particular week, each year, is also a week with a special day of service in it, when all South Africans are encouraged to go out into the community and make a difference in someone else’s life. They do this remembering the example Nelson Mandela gave when he spent 67 years of his life making the world a better place. On July 18th, or sometime during the week before, South Africans are asked to give 67 minutes to the service of others. This helped make this week in South Africa a very special one, where we had a total of 230 participants that came throughout the week to volunteer from all walks of life, with the sole purpose of building 4 homes for families they didn’t know, just because these families were in need. Wow!


Each day of our week there were new challenges, and we were blessed to see how each one of them worked out. By the time, we came to the end of the week, and the keys were being handed over to the excited families, we knew something special had happened. The impact on each of the families was seen and felt by all, but more than that, the impact on the volunteer participants was seen on all the faces of those who had worked so hard, because it felt so good to make such a difference in the lives of these families. Those of you that have gone on a mission trip before know that feeling...the one of exhaustion but utter joy, knowing you had a part in changing someone’s life forever.

Each time we are there, we continue to share about this new opportunity we have for South Africans to come alongside Amor and the families in need, to make a lasting difference in the lives of those families we help.

Amor is so often seen and spoken of as the organization that builds homes for families in need throughout the world. Building a new home every 20 hours, that statement makes sense. But more than this, we see ourselves sharing God’s love, by caring for those in need through our actions and loving the forgotten. We are Amor!  



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