Are You Living His Passion?

February 16, 2016 by Amy Mathis



“You’ve all been to the stadium and seen the athletes’ race. Everyone runs; one wins. Run to win. All good athletes train hard. They do it for a gold medal that tarnishes and fades. You’re after one that’s gold eternally.”                        1 Corinthians 9:24

As parents, we are in a race to impact our families for the eternal prize. That is why this year’s Family Camp theme is “Live His Passion”, which is inspired by I Corinthians 9:24and the 2016 Summer Olympics theme of “Live Your Passion”.  Dean and I have learned over the years in ministry, what you win them with, is what you win them to. Following Christ should transform our kids into radical followers who live his passion.  Our children are watching us, so how are we doing in this race for Christ as their parents? What do they see as our passion?

This summer, June 18-25, Amor has an opportunity to train our families on how to live out one of Christ’s top passions; the passion of caring for the poor. Our Family Camp is designed to train up our families to reverse the flow of a “me-centered” mindset, to an “others-centered” one. 

To the watching world it seems radical when you share your intentions of spending your vacation time and money on a mission trip to Mexico with your family – enjoying such amenities as camping out in the dirt, taking cold bucket showers and building a home alongside a Mexican family you don’t even know yet. 

Yes it is risky. Yes it is a financial sacrifice. But that is what Christ followers do. And it’s oh, so worth it when you risk your comfort and security so you can be the ones who offerhope to those who have none.

Please join us and other families from around the world in transforming our sons and daughters into spiritual athletes.  Ones living out His passion, with their eyes on the prize that will not tarnish or fade. Go for the gold of building homes for the homeless and instilling life lessons into our kids that will last a lifetime.  

Prayerfully consider joining our global families this summer as together we all…Live His Passion!   

Family Camp - June 18-25, 2016

The cost:

$510: Children (3-10)

$880: Early Bird (register before April 1)

$950: Regular Fee

If you would like more details or have any questions, please contact Amy

“The secret of the Christian's passion is simple: Everything we do in life we do it as to the Lord and not to men.”    Author: David Jeremiah



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