Beans and Rice and Jesus Christ

December 22, 2014 by Montse Laborin

We created 24 Days of Disrupt to help families and individuals better prepare their hearts for Christ’s arrival – which is the true purpose of Advent

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When I was 13 years old my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer.  As humans we always think that bad things would only happen in a movie, a TV show, or just anyone but us. We were never prepared for that.

Even though my mom was a single mom she needed to stop working so she could take her treatments. With the chemotherapy and radiation there were some days where she wasn’t able to stand up. Without any income and living out of my grandmother’s savings, beans and rice sounded like a perfect meal. I remember seeing my grandmother cooking beans about three times a week.

Montse_and_FamilyMontse and Luis with their parents during better times.  

When my husband and I just started going out we would spend hours and hours talking on the phone.  We noticed that both of us had gone through some hard times. My father-in-law used to have his own construction company. Some of the best buildings and factories in Tijuana were built by his company. In 1998, his company went broke and he had to close it.

My father-in-law had to fight day and night to sustain his wife and four children.  In Mexico, it is really hard to find a job with most companies when you are older than 40, because they think the younger you are the better. My husband and his family passed through rough times too. There were two weeks that they spent with very limited food.

They were eating beans and rice, but my father-in-law tried to always stay positive and would always say “Beans and Rice and Jesus Christ” as long as we have Jesus in our hearts it is all good.  Now my father-in-law owes a mall that he constructed and my mom is cancer free. Those times where we were eating only beans and rice are all over for now.

Now that we are married we are very thankful with God, first of all because we have Him in our hearts, we have a safe and warm house, we have something to eat every day, and we have each other. There hasn’t been a day where we have nothing to eat.

When we get together and we actually eat either rice or beans as part of our meal we look back and smile about it. For us it only lasted a few weeks, but can you imagine all the families that are eating that every single day? What does the father feel when he comes home and sees his children eating rice and beans every day? Or even worst, a family that has nothing to eat at all.

I am very sure that if you participate in today's disruption you will be more conscious of what is going on not only in Mexico but around the world. You might not know but maybe it is your neighbor, a friend, or even a family member. Every time you eat after this day you will appreciate more not only the food but also everything you have. So remember beans and rice and Jesus Christ!

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