Building A House With A Family In Mexico

September 10, 2015 by Fabiola Johnson

happy couple for their Amor house

Elias and Rebeca have two children and are expecting their third. Elias is from the Mexican state of Tabasco and Rebeca grew up in Oaxaca and moved to Tijuana following the rest of her family.They moved to Altiplano after buying a plot of land where they built a modest home. They needed more room but couldn’t save enough money to improve their home for their growing family. That’s when they got in touch with Pastor Jesus Lobatos, who submitted their papers to the planning board in Mexico.Elias works at a meatpacking factory, and his wife is on maternity leave. We met them during the Amor 3 Day.

Elias and Rebeca with their children in front of their new house

“We remain positive and optimistic”, said Elias when he learned Amor was there to build homes for his neighbors and might not be able to finish their home. They knew another Amor group would come soon to help them finish their home. But they were eager to help and used this time to learn from the Amor teams. Elias asked them how he could help and he pitched in wherever he was needed. He even helped his neighbor, who didn’t have running water, take it from his faucet with a long hose.


At the end of the 3 Day, the teams connected with Elias, Rebeca, and their two children during the VBS. Realizing their baby was due anytime, the Amor team decided to take action and help bring their house one step closer to finish.

The different groups who built alongside the families during the Amor 3 Day

Jordan Congdon and Leona George-Davidson, one of Amor’s volunteers, directed the action. And despite the heat and the physical exhaustion of the group, they were able to finish the roof and add stucco to Elias and Rebeca’s home. Now they would have a home to stay in to prepare and ready themselves for the birth of their baby!

Elias and Rebeca are so grateful for their new home and make Jesus the center of it. They, along with their children, are now filled with joy and hopesmiling couple in front of their new home


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