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November 13, 2015 by Fabiola Johnson

Two years ago, we started 24 Days of Disrupt, a different kind of advent calendar in which each day people received a disruption that challenged them to do Christmas differently.

In the words of Scott Congdon:

“The never-ending barrage of commercials, promotions, and marketing during Christmas has created an environment consumed with buying and acquiring rather than giving and serving.  Just as Jesus came to serve and not be served, His example and words should call us to what His very life on this earth was all about - sharing, serving, giving, loving, and sacrificing.  It’s not about an economy of getting and taking - consumerism.  It’s about giving and serving.”

The reality is that God gave His best, and so did the Magi. They both gave great gifts – God to the whole of creation and the Magi to Baby Jesus.

God’s gift changed everything forever; the Magi’s gifts, a simple act of worship and gratitude.

What if, this Christmas season, we thought about the gifts we are giving to others in these two ways? Are the gifts that I am giving going to change a person’s life forever?  Is this gift an act of worship and gratitude to Jesus?

In response, we invite you to join us on this new adventure of living out gratitude as an act of worship, and hundreds of people committed to the 24 Days of Disrupt in 2013 and 2014.

By popular demand, this year we have put the disruptions in a format that you can carry with you. Simply download the Amor advent calendar and follow the prompts each day. We are sure you’ll love doing the activities with your family and friends.

Make this Christmas unforgettable by focusing on generosity, love, and relationships. Let the daily disruptions have an even greater impact on your family, your community, and the world around you by sharing what you are doing.

If you’d like to read the matching articles from last year, bookmark this blog page and come back each day. Below, you’ll find a list of articles - however, we encourage you to make this advent adventure your own.

New Call-to-action

December 1. Share Your Story

December 2. Mission Statement

December 3. Serve Your Family and Others

December 4. Social Justice

December 5. Human Trafficking

December 6. The Way to Their Heart and Birria Recipe

December 7. Casa de Amor

December 8. Fill a Hungry Belly

December 9. Collaboration

December 10. Disrupt your Night

December 11. Discipleship

December 12. Letters of Encouragement

December 13. Who are You?

December 14. When Christmas is not the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

December 15. Reconciliation

December 16. Run With Endurance

December 17. Open Your Home

December 18. Stewardship and Thankfulness are the Expressions of Sustainable Living

December 19. In Step With God

December 20. Expand Your Experience

December 21. A Night Outside

December 22. Rice and Beans

December 23. Give it Away

December 24. Celebrate the Journey

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