Getting Ahead Of The Storm

October 29, 2015 by Gayla Congdon

How would you prepare if you knew a storm was coming? Noah’s ark is the vessel in the Genesis flood narrative by which God saves Noah, his family, and a portion of all the world’s animals from the flood. Obviously Noah had the resources to build the ark that would ultimately save his family. 

In the spring of 1993, after El Niño had devastated Tijuana and the surrounding region, the city of Tijuana relocated 60 families to the new community of Valle Verde that had become homeless as a result of the destruction that took place due to the storm. Amor was the organization that the city asked to help in the relocation by building homes with those families.

Amor has built 273 houses in Valle Verde. The average weekly income for a family living there receiving a home from us is $96.63, which is $10 less per week than the average across all of Baja. The per capita salary in Valle Verde is $17.79 per week. That means people are living on $2.54 per day.

If you don’t have the resources to care for your family on a daily basis, how do you prepare for a disaster like a flood? A recent meeting hosted by a Baja Congress committee addressed the issues at hand and Amor was asked to sit at the table to strategize with these leaders on how to prepare in the event El Niño does come. Our reputation of helping thousands of families by building homes over the years was why we were invited. It was exciting to see our local leaders be proactive in preparing their cities to ‘get ahead of the storm.’

How do we prepare for the coming need? We are already working with our pastors and the local government on a plan for the future rebuilding of homes that could be lost, with the result of families being displaced. This positions our pastors as community leaders in the case of a disaster supported by their local city governments.

Amor applauds our local Baja government for planning ahead and putting things in place to respond instead of react. And Mexico is counting on us. It is significant that we have been their go-to organization on many occasions and we are counting on people like you to help us ‘get ahead of the storm.’

We are asking you personally to give a generous gift at this time. Your donation will provide the resources for families like those in Valle Verde that are living on just $2.54 a day. To help families that won’t be able to get to work as day laborers due to the rain’s effect on the roads. To assist our pastors as community leaders during these families’ time of need. Is there any better witness of Jesus and his message of good news?


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