Highlights of the Amor Three Day, May 2015

May 26, 2015 by Forrest Fowler

Last weekend the Amor Three Day joined forces with Newbreak Church and a group from Oregon to build two homes for two great families. These are some of the highlights of the weekend.


The cloudy weather provided dramatic views from the worksite.


This little girl was building a small table to eat her lunch. What do you like about coming to Mexico? “I get to help build a house!”


Pastor Romelio visited Hacienda Camp to talk to us about his Ministry and the impact that groups have in the community. “Children in the community become empowered from witnessing your kids work and serve others in need in the worksites. They too want to be part of that.” Pastor Romelio said.


Children from the neighborhood volunteered to help build their neighbors house. They enjoyed working alongside the groups that come to build homes.


One of the neighbors who opened up their homes to our groups for them to use the bathroom also joined in the work.


Some of Newbreak participants in front of the completed house with one of the families.


Javier and his family with the Amor three day participants.



On the last day, Pastor Romelio and his wife came to present the home to the families during the key ceremony. Pastor Romelio also presented each family with a Bible and led the group in prayer to dedicate their new homes.

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