Home Is My Resting Place

October 15, 2015 by Jeff

Home is my resting place

My home is my resting place. A place where the things I love the most reside. It’s where I play with my kids and connect with my wife. It’s where I hangout with friends and extended family. When it’s stormy outside, I know my home is dry. When it is cold outside, I know my home will be warm. When I am traveling, I know I have a place to come back to.

Having a home means a stable environment for my kids. A place that stays constant as the world around them is always changing. A place where they know they will be loved, fed, and tucked in a cozy bed at night.

When I am working on a house in Mexico, I always wonder in what ways the family and I see the world differently. One thing that I always think about are rain clouds. When I see clouds, I get very excited. I think of cooler weather, warm drinks, and maybe, just maybe, actual rain!  I think about taking my kids outside to jump in puddles or going up to the mountains to play in the snow. I never panic. I never look at the clouds and become fearful. That is because I have a safe, dry house where my family and I can get out of the cold and rain.

However, if I didn’t have a house, or if the "house" I was living in was made of cardboard and scraps of whatever materials I could find and it couldn’t protect my family from a storm...rain clouds would terrify me. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing that when the rains start, I will be up plugging holes in my roof, trying to keep my children dry, as well as the rest of my valuables. As the rain comes down harder, I’d start to worry, will my house go sliding down the hill? Or, will my dirt floor become muddy and contaminated by raw sewage? Rain clouds would mean my family, especially my children, could be at risk of getting extremely ill.

So when a family receives an Amor house, maybe, for the first time, a father or mother sees a rain cloud differently. Maybe they aren’t scared anymore. Maybe, they think of hot chocolate or helping their child with their homework. What a simple thing that so many of us take for granted. It all comes back to our home. My home.

I am grateful to have a home and excited to work alongside families to get them in a home.  I know what having a home means to me yet, I have never been without a home. Imagine what it feels like for a family, who may have never had a home, to finally receive one. Powerful. The rain will come and they will be safe. The wind will howl and they will not sway. The ground outside will get wet and muddy, but the home's concrete floor will be clean and dry.

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