Kicking Down Walls through Project Hope

September 14, 2014 by Forrest Fowler


I previously wrote about the fact that Amor exists to serve the local church and that we are not so much a house building ministry, but a ministry that builds houses. If you missed out on that, you can read it here.

In the process of building homes to serve the local church, the impact is greater and farther reaching than just the local church and communities in which we build.

Amor provides short-term mission experiences that educate and radically change the lives of thousands of participants every year. The Amor trip is a powerful tool for church leaders to use as they teach and disciple members of their community on these short term trips. Untold numbers of participants have made first time decisions to be Christ followers and other life-changing decisions while participating with Amor. Need evidence? Just ask any of the Amor team members to share their story of how they came to give their life to full time ministry! The vast majority of our Amor team began their journey to full time ministry because of their participation on a short-term mission trip with Amor.

We are blown away by the stories that are shared with us of how participants have gone home from a trip with Amor and changed their communities.

For me personally, the first time I was involved with Amor changed my perception of what being a missionary was all about. It was expanded from the narrow pre-conceived idea that all missionaries wore white shirts and ties, carried giant bibles,and worked in the jungle with naked people, to the understanding that the missions field is everywhere! You can be a missionary in whatever profession you choose.

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So Amor serves the local church and changes lives on both sides of the border. Both the receiver and the builder of the Amor home have an opportunity to see God’s love demonstrated in a tangible way.

Building homes for families is not the only way that the local church is served. Not every family in the community qualifies or even needs to receive an Amor house. But that does mean that they don’t need help. What does Amor do to help the local church reach out to these people?

Amor supports the ministry of the local church through Project Hope

Project Hope is comprised of five different programs. The Food Bank, Back to School, Bibles, Blankets, and Clean Water for Life programs are available to our local pastors as an additional resource to reach out to and serve the people in their communities.

The Food Bank provides pastors access to basic life giving food staples to distribute in their communities when families are struggling and find themselves coming up short.

The Back to School program provides backpacks filled with school supplies like paper, pens, erasers, rulers, and notebooks. School in Mexico is free but the cost of purchasing these supplies on top of required books and school uniforms can be overwhelming burden to a family that only earns roughly $30 per week.

The Bibles program provides bibles to our pastors to give to people in their communities as they share the gospel with people daily.

The Blankets program provides the pastors with access to blankets to pass out to those in need during the cold winter months.

The Clean Water for Life program provides water filters to families so that they can have access to clean drinking water without needing to purchase it. Clean drinking water helps avoid unnecessary illness which can lead to costly medical expenses.

Project Hope is a stand alone part of the ministry of Amor and is funded through direct donations and the profits from items sold in the Amor Store. The programs of Project Hope provides more ‘tools’ to the pastors as they reach out to their communities.

So from now on I hope you have a better understanding of what Amor does and why we do it. We are not a house building ministry but we are a ministry that builds houses.

If you would like to schedule a life changing short-term mission trip or support the programs of Project Hope, gives us a call! We would love for you to join us as we support the work of the local church around the world.

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