Missions Trips are Not Just for Summer (3 Tips for Missional Mindset)

September 8, 2015 by Jeff Ahlberg

3 Tips for Keeping a Missional Mindset from the MountaintopYou just had an amazing summer mission trip experience and you are now back to everyday life wondering what to do. Sound about right? These “mountain top”, amazing experiences happen to us all the time, and yet they are so fleeting. How do you keep that missional mindset in your everyday life? Here are 3 easy ways:

 1. Stay connected with the organization.

Subscribe to their newsletters and blogs, talk to your friends about how they can support the organization creatively, and finally, donate. If you are invested financially, even if it’s only $5 a month, your missional mindset will continue.

2. Perfect the story of your experience. 

When you return, everyone wants to know how your trip was. Constantly responding with  “it was cool” is not going to help you retain your missional mindset. If you haven’t already, write down some of the important details of what you experienced: family names, areas you were in, new things you learned, funny things you saw. Then start to craft your story so that every time you tell people, it will not only inspire them, but take you back as well. Telling your story well is a great way to continue your missional mindset. (Also, check out our blog post on processing your trip here.)

3. Get involved in your community.

When you get back, you are inspired to change the world! The only problem is that your everyday responsibilities, like work or school, start in and steal your vision. The answer: don’t wait. As soon as you get home, look around to see what you can do to create positive change. You don’t have to start your own non-profit. Just start simple. Get involved at your local church, after-school programs, a food bank, at a shelter, or at your local library. There are tons of ways and places to help and continue your missional mindset. You only need to start.

We weren't made to stay on the mountain top, and missions trips aren't just for the summer. Take these three simple steps to make sure you keep up your momentum: stay connected, tell your story well, and get involved in your own community.




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