Pray alongside our Partners in Ministry in Baja California

April 14, 2015 by Fabiola Johnson


We invite you to join us in prayer for the needs of the pastors that form the Ministry Planning Board in Baja California. I've included the pictures of some of the Pastors hoping you find some familiar faces.  


Greetings and God bless you. Please pray for the health of my son Daniel and my wife’s job Alicia with La Cocina. Additionally we request prayers for our ministry in Tecate.

Thank you,

Pastor Oscar Higuera

Church: Iglesia de Cristo


Please pray for the new project that we’ve begun with the women’s shelter. We are seeking a home to house more women in need. At the moment, we use our house and the trailer donated by Amor.  

God bless you,

Pastor Ezequiel Higuera

Church: Iglesia de Cristo Nacional


Please pray for the health of my wife who suffers from diabetes. Please continue to pray for my ears as I’ve lost 75% of my hearing.


Pastor Jose Hernandez

Church: Iglesia Vida Nueva


I ask that you join me in prayer as we face some legal issues that could jeopardize the land of the church. Please help me with your prayers and our ministry. May God grant us strength and may He continue to provide for all the needs of the congregation. Please pray for the health of my wife and I.

Thank you, and God bless you,

Pastor Cesar A. Nuñez R

Church: La Mano de Jehová

Thank you for your prayers. Please pray for my family, wife, and children. Please also pray  for the three churches under my ministry Lirio de Los Valles, Senda de Vida and La Jornada. May God grant me wisdom to lead. Please pray for unification of Evangelica Pentecostes AR in Mexico.  

Thank you,

Pastor Hortencio Gerrero

Church: Lirio de Los Valles


We ask your prayers for our brothers that are sick. For our youth who don’t want to hear about God. And for Isacc Cervantes and Rebeca Cervantes, who need orthopedics to straighten their feet.

Blessings for everyone,

Pastor Romelio

Church: El Redentor

Please pray for my wife whose health is delicate, her name is Elvira Haros. We are also building classrooms for our missionaries in training and pre-baptize classes.

Thank you,

Pastor Eusebio Haros

Church: C.C. Elim


Continue to pray for our evangelical efforts and for the health of my wife who needs to get new labs.

Please pray for my mother who needs a knee surgery.

Thank you,

Pastor Jose Luis Hernandez

Church: El Buen Pastor


Thank you for all your prayers for the Briseño family and thank you for my mission trip to the jail in Islas Marias was a success. Glory to God!  

Continue praying for the community, my family and the church. We are in need of a Bass amplifier.

Thank you,

Pastor Juan Enrique Briseño

Church: Divino Salvador


Help us praying for God’s provision for the church family and His missions for the expansion of His Kingdom.

We are grateful to God for all His blessings,

Pastor Armando Ponce Belmont

Chuch: Cristo Arca de Salvación


The congregation and the church family is doing well, thank you for all your prayers.

God bless you,

Pastor Jesus Lobatos

Church: Iglesia Marantha


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