Restoration For Ciudad Juarez Through Casa De Amor

July 7, 2015 by Alfredo Chavez

My name is Alfredo Chavez, I’m the operations coordinator in Ciudad Juarez. In the year 2002, I started my work with Amor Ministries, to help families in need, working in partnership with community pastors.

As part of my responsibilities, I lead and train a group of pastors in the construction of the Amor house. We meet monthly to speak about the different projects of the ministry. I'm also responsible to care for the camp Tuesday to Thursday from 6 to 6 during a house building project.

When we have a house building project I:

  • reach out to a pastor who can give me a family biography

  • revise it and visit the family to accept their submission

  • purchase materials for the construction

  • and finally, verify that the materials have arrived to begin construction

Donations to Casa de Amor

In the last three years, we’ve been able to help 36 families with a home and hundreds more through Project Hope.  It’s a huge satisfaction to see the gratitude of families for helping them reach the dream of having a house thanks to Casa de Amor.

Lion_Chase_5k_September_race The biggest obstacle I face every day is when we can't help some of the families who have reached out to us because of our limited resources.   We have families waiting several years to receive a house.

My hope for the future is to see groups returning to Ciudad Juarez to help and bring blessings to families in need so they can have a dignified home in which to live. In the meantime, I would love to see people continue supporting Casa de Amor so we can build alongside the community.

These are the some of the families whose homes we’ve built so far this year in Ciudad Juarez through the house sponsorships of Casa de Amor.    


Pastor Felipe and people from the community in front of the Rodriguez-Rodriguez home in Ciudad Juarez


Pastor Felipe, during the key ceremony


Pastor Lety with people from the community hired to build a house alongside a family in need through Casa de Amor in Ciudad Juarez


Pastor Lety giving the key to her new house to a mother in Ciudad Juarez



Pastor Valente and other pastors who helped build the house of another family in Ciudad Juarez


Pastor Valente handing out the keys to their new house to a young family in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico 

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