Something Different

October 23, 2014 by Amy Mathis

“I_will_not_waste_my_life_I_will_finishThis week’s devotion “Something Different”, (which is also the last devotion in our readings from “Disrupted”), ended with a provocative question… “What can He, (God), do with you?”  In the spirit of her book “Disrupted” Gayla used the story of Saul/Paul’s conversion from Acts chapter 9 and then her dear friend Bonnie Rennie’s surprised calling to work with the hearing impaired to illustrate how God will do something eternally different with you if you are just willing. 

When I reflect on this eternal truth it causes me to rewind the tape on my own life story.  God had placed in my heart during my teen years the desire to do mission work for Christ full-time and because I was willing to say yes to that call a few years ago,  the rest as they say is history.  

Most of you know that I left my career in education as a full-time principal to follow the story line of God’s will as it intersected my life with the mission work of Amor.  Since then my family and I have lead others in the blessing of building dozens of homes in Mexico and South Africa.Plus a mission trip to India to work with trafficked women and children there.  

Create Justice Come to Yucatan I bet if we could ask the apostle Paul or Bonnie right now was it a good choice to let our Lord have His will with their lives, they like me, would all say a resounding YES!   Why, because like the apostle Paul and Bonnie, I would testify that there is no greater meaning in life than to know that God is doing something eternal through you!  Through your family’s life!

With my final comments on “Disrupted” I want to turn the tables on you.  I am feeling compelled of God to ask you, and each of your family members the same question Gayla put to all of us… “What can He, (God), do with you?”   What is the God sized dream that He wants you to consider for yourself?  For your kids?  For you & with your spouse?

 “Desire that your life count for something great! Long for your life to have eternal significance. Want this! Don’t coast through life without a passion.” John Piper

Are you envisioning what that “something different” would be?  Now that you have it in your mind what are you waiting for?  What hinders you or your family from jumping right into the middle of God’s “something different” for your lives?  I know I don’t have to tell you that whatever roadblocks stand in your way, our God is a way maker!

I have learned that I should have given my life to mission work much sooner but I did not because of fear.  What I have learned since is that the life that Christ is calling us all to requires us to cast off daily fear and embrace faith.  When you do and or your family does you will become fully alive spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically.   Now that is “something different” compared to the lives of believers who live by choice in the fantasy world of perceived safety because they are to fearful to act boldly!  My prayer then is that when you or your family looks back on their lives that they will choose 100% faith in Christ so that they drain each day for His something different call on their lives!

“My joy grows with every soul that seeks the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. Remember, you have one life. That’s all. You were made for God. Don’t waste it." John Piper

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