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May 24, 2015 by Jeff

img-donate-teamLife as a full-time Missionary in the United States is tough to explain. When we are working out of the country, it tends to make more sense to people we come in contact with. Where it gets hard is when we leave Mexico or South Africa and come back to our homes in the U.S., most of us in San Diego.  

It’s tough to inspire people when it comes to raising our salaries or internship fees when a ton of that money goes to the cost of living. It’s still tough get support from our home churches that are “sending” us out to…San Diego. What a missionary looks like to most people and what we are looking pretty different.

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We are missionaries none the less.  We are people who sacrifice better paying jobs, being close to our families, having a social life, being a regular attendee at a church, any thought of financial security, and for our interns & volunteers, people who PAY to be broke. But if you asked anyone on our staff, we all would say it is worth it. We all have chosen, have been called to be here.  We know that God is so faithful, and we are constantly relying on him. We are on a mission.

The great part about being a missionary is that anyone can do it wherever you live. If the image of what a missionary “should look like” is holding you back from going on a mission, take a good look in the mirror. YOU have been called by God, YOU have been given an incredible amount of power through Him, and if YOU are willing, He will use YOU in amazing ways.

Come be a missionary with Amor and gain a front row seat to see God do some amazing things!

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