Want to be the best Project Nexus team at the Lion Chase 2015?

July 24, 2015 by Erin Lyde


In the 12 years of serving with Project Nexus, each year the number one question I get from each team is, “Aren’t we the best Project Nexus team ever?”  And yes, my team in 2001 asked the same question.

While my answer to this will always be, “no comment,” I think we can now determine which team will be the best for "Lion Chase 5k 2105"!


The Project Nexus team with the most runners on their virtual (or in person) running teams will be crowned, “Project Nexus Winners 2015.”

Here’s how:

Sign up to run here in San Diego, or virtually from your area.  

Get all of your friends and family to sign up and run on your team.

When they sign up, have them enter their name, and Project Nexus (what year you participated in).

For example - Erin Lyde - Project Nexus 2001

The team with the most overall runners will win for 2015 - which includes a certificate stating how awesome your team is, and the ability to hold this title for exactly one year.

Who’s the best?????????


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