Why Me Lord

October 9, 2014 by Amy Mathis


 But Moses said, “Pardon your servant, Lord. Please send someone else." Exodus 4:13

I can relate to both Becky Ahlberg and Moses’ dilemmas in this week’s devotion.  Why?  Starting with me, we have all asked ourselves “why me Lord” when we have had too much on our plates schedule wise or when we feel less than adequate for some daunting task that God has placed before us.

Register_Today_-With that in mind let me tell you about my most recent “why me Lord” episode at a garage sale that Dean (my husband) and I held.  We had downsized into our current home over two years ago resulting in putting a number of items into storage.   

Since we had not missed any of those things Dean and I committed to either sell or give away everything and not to put any of it back into storage.

Well on the last day of our sale a woman cyclist pulled up on her road bike and starting engaging me about a number of the items we still had for sale.  She went on and on, all the while I was thinking “Lady I still need to get some final things out of storage so we can finish our garage sale purge.”  

However as we continued to talk we both realized we knew each other from a mutual church that we both attended 10 years previous in Bloomington, Indiana. This recognition caused me to slow down and go a little deeper with this lady about what she, her husband and her kids have been doing since we saw each other last.  

In the course of this dialogue she confessed to me that she and her husband had abandoned their faith. That omission led us into an even deeper discussion of why she had left the church.  Dean overheard our discussion and jumped in discussing one question at a time that had lead her away from Christ.  

Well after about an hour and half of spiritual dialogue we all realized that it was not by accident that our three lives had intersected at that garage sale.  God was up to something and that something was that He wanted her and her husband to come back home to faith in His Son Jesus.  That realization caused her to accept our invitation to come with us the following weekend to church.  

I share all of the above to confess again that if I had not gotten over my “why me Lord attitude” I would have missed the real reason we had had that garage sale, to lead a “prodigal daughter” back home to her Heavenly Father, (Luke 15:11-32).    

Who is it that God wants you to engage for Him?  What “why me Lord” roadblock stands in your or your family’s way to do so?  Please pray now asking God to help you and or your family have another chance to say,  “yes use me Lord” to share the hope of Christ with someone another that God intentionally has brought across your path in your neighborhood, work or at school.    

Above all the grace and the gifts that Christ gives to his beloved is that of overcoming self.”  Francis of Assisi

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