What's the Cost of Your Thanksgiving Meal?

November 18, 2015 by Gayla Congdon


Dear Hopebuilder,

“How can you believe in a God that allows so many people to live with such great need?” That was the question a reporter from the Orange County Register requested Scott to ask a lady living in the Tijuana dump in 1984. Amor was just starting to build homes and the newspaper wanted to do a feature story about what Americans were doing at the dump.

“How can you, who have everything, believe in God?” Scott translated from the woman. “I have to believe in God because I have nothing and I’m thankful I can go to him each and every day to meet my needs. Amor coming to this area and building homes with families is evidence of him answering my prayers!”

Why does it often seem that those with great need get the heart of God so much better than those that live with great privilege?

Each year we set aside a day as a reminder for all that we have to be thankful for. On this day, we join family and friends around a Thanksgiving table in someone’s warm and lovely home. Food will be plentiful, and no one will go without.

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Let this day also be a reminder of those who don’t have a home and whose food is not plentiful. This Thanksgiving, my family is going to give Amor a gift that is equal to what our Thanksgiving meal costs. That gift will go specifically to our ministry of housing and feeding families that are in great need. Jesus tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Will you join us in giving a gift that is equal to the amount you are spending on your Thanksgiving meal?

May we never take for granted having a home to live in and plenty of food to eat.  And during this Thanksgiving, may we remember the words of Jesus and be as generous to others as we are to ourselves.

Here's a gift for you to share with your holiday guests. It is a prayer card that we would ask you to read before your meal as a reminder of what Thanksgiving is all about.

 Giving thanks,

Scott and Gayla Congdon, Founders

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